Reporting Options

Washington University encourages you to report incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking.

There are three ways to report:

1. Police

  • ​​​​​A report to the police should be made to the police department in the area where the crime occurred. If the crime did not occur in the jurisdiction of Washington University Police, they are there to support, facilitate and answer questions. A report to Washington University Police will be treated with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, understanding and professionalism. You can reach the Washington University Police Department at 314-935-5555.
  • Another reporting option available through WUPD is the silent witness program which goes to WUPD staff and is anonymous.

2. Title IX Through the University

All students have the right and are encouraged to file a formal complaint in the event of any sexual harassment, which includes sexual violence, experienced as a student. As the Director, Title IX Office & Title IX Coordinator, Jessica Kennedy is dedicated to ensuring campus safety by proactively addressing all complaints. Jessica can meet with students individually to hear their complaints or refer to an appropriate campus resource. A report to the Director of Title IX does not preclude your right to file a report with the police and seek criminal prosecution if you are a victim of rape, sexual assault or other sexual offenses.

3. Anonymous Report Form

If you choose not to file a report with the police or the Title IX, the university has anonymous reporting mechanisms that are also encouraged. You can file an anonymous report form, which goes to Kim Webb, the Director of the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (RSVP). This allows university officials to be aware of the incident and to proactively provide more safety measures, education and support. If you would prefer to speak with Kim instead of filing the report, you may call Kim directly at 314-935-8761 to confidentially discuss your experience and your options.


Halbert, Allie

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist